Patricia has been a resident of Aspen Springs 15 years. Because she feels so secure there we, her loved ones, also feel secure. She has received the most wonderful care and we have come to trust the owners and care givers alike. There have been two owners since Pat arrived and both have cared for her as if she was their own family. They have shown their professionalism and ability to handle each situation as needed.

Claudia, Pat's Sister

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed on my first visit to Aspen Springs Assisted Living – how clean and well kept and spacious the facility was BUT most of all how clean it smelt. Definitely not as other care facilities I've visited. The residents appeared well cared for and the staff was helpful and easy to visit with. 'Save me a room'.


It feels like "home".

Joy Roth

I moved my mother to Aspen Springs a year ago from California. The staff was very helpful as my mom adjusted to her new surroundings.Dementia causes much confusion and anxiety but the homelike atmosphere at Aspen Springs is such that the doctor was able to take my mom off of some of the medications she had previously taken for anxiety.The result is that her quality of life has greatly improved in the year she has lived here. I highly recommend Aspen Springs to anyone with a need for the services they offer.

Bryan Varney

My mom lived at Aspen Springs Assisted Living. They treated my mom like she was Family. I love the whole Staff, Melinda, and her mom, Becky. Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart !!!!!!

JR Vierra

I am very happy to have my mother at Aspen Springs Assisted Living.  She is very happy there and all the staff takes good care of her.  It is a wonderful facility.

Phil & Barbara Keairns

Aspen Springs was one of three facilities my wife’s doctor suggested to me. In addition to being the closest to my home, I feel they were the best value for the money. They have a tiered pricing system giving me a choice of care levels (not in quality, but the amount of help my wife needed with daily activities) which was helpful for my budget. She did end up needing the highest level and that was okay, because I didn’t realize all that I had been doing for her. The staff was responsive to her needs and patient with me, in that I had trouble letting go. I was welcome anytime and they even fed me occasionally. Which brings to mind that the food was very good and plentiful. I had given instructions to my executor to place me there when the time comes.Melinda and her staff provided services like transport to appointments and coordination with hospice if needed at the end of life. I still see some of the staff occasionally and they treat me like I’m still coming to see my wife every day. I highly recommend Aspen Springs regardless of your budget.Just a word of advice, “It’s okay to let go a little and let them do their job, get some rest and relax a little, you’ll be a better companion for your loved one when you go to visit them.”

Rick Paden